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Rear Molle Panel 2nd Gen Tacoma Double Cab Only 2005-2015

Rear Molle Panel 2nd Gen Tacoma Double Cab Only 2005-2015

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This MOLLE panel is designed to fit the wall behind the rear seats. These panels are designed to keep numerous types of overlanding gear secure & organized for easy access. These MOLLE panels also work very well with the mounting accessories for the slots which easily mount and dismount to help you organize and reorganize all of your gear quickly and easily. YES, YOU CAN STILL USE YOUR REAR SEATS WITH THIS MOD!

You can still use your existing seat backs by reinstalling the U Brackets that secure the seat backs to the rear wall. This is designed to be bolted on very easily with all the mounting hardware and brackets needed. You will need to remove the plastic panels behind the rear seats in order to install these MOLLE Panels.

These will be sold: Finished

Please allow up to 2 weeks for manufacturing and processing

     Finished - We build, sand, and paint (more cost). We also use a sheet metal bender to bend the product to keep the bends as uniform as possible. 

This kit can be purchased as partial sections or the whole thing.


These are made of laser cut 18 Gauge Steel. 

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