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Overhead MOLLE Panel (2nd Gen Tacoma 2005-2015)

Overhead MOLLE Panel (2nd Gen Tacoma 2005-2015)

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OEM Thermometer and Compass Bracket system
Upgrade Mounting Nuts + Spare Light Panel

 This product is compatible with the Ball Mount Base sold in this store.

These will be sold in both kit types: DIY and Finished (See Pictures)

     DIY - You build, sand, paint and wire (less cost). You're basically following all the instructions in the video, including removing the dross and cleaning up the holes.

     Finished - We build, sand, paint and wire (more cost); You will need to install the mounting studs (skip to 6:53 in the video below) and you will also need to do the final wiring though to adapt the pigtail for the LEDs (skip to 28:08 in video below).

The thermometer/compass bracket is optional. This is to outfit the OEM thermometer/compass that has already been built into your truck.

The Upgraded Mounting Nuts are added accessories that allow you to easily install and remove the mole panel without any tools, It also doubles as mounting points to hook on more accessories.

Please follow this video for installation details:

 The main kit will include the following:

Molle Panel x 1

Light Housing with LED Panel x 2

LED Buttons

All mounting heat shrink, screws, washers, spacers, studs and nuts.

Optional Add Ons:

 Mounting Bracket for Thermometer

Upgraded Mounting Nuts


Tools Needed:

Hammer (For DIY Build)

Cold Chisel (For DIY Build)

Wire Wheel / Sand paper (For DIY Build)

Flat and Round File (For DIY Build)

Socket Set / Wrenches

Wire Crimper

Wire Stripper

Philipps Head Screw Driver


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